Helen is called on to comment and contribute to the discussion around aged care and not for profits.

Here are some examples of her contribution.

“The Value of mission to business”Community Care Review – Opinion Piece – Helen Attrill – in Community Care Review

With the rise of purpose-based for-profit corporations, not-for-profits will need to strongly embed their mission in their culture and marketing to stand out from the crowd.

Beyond consulting: project ups the ante on co-production

The project, Step Forward: Create Better Together, is being undertaken by CommunityWest and will pilot the use of co-production among 10 community aged care organisations. It will also develop and test resources and tools to support the widespread adoption of co-production in the sector.

Helen Attrill, CEO of CommunityWest, said co-production supported a wellness and enablement focus, as clients would be actively involved in designing services and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of programs.

Leading the way for board diversity in the not for profit sector

Helen Attrill, CEO of CommunityWest, a Government agency dedicated to organisational development and governance in the aged care sector and a principal Community Partner noted “Our own organisational journey is soon to culminate in the hosting of an Emerging Leaders Board Internship – we are looking forward to this exciting next step in our journey to greater diversity on our Board”.

Cross promotion delights not for profits

“In particular, we found considerable value in the recommendations of the social media audit conducted along with your encouragement to embrace a number of new channels as part of our regular communications program. The social media calendar you introduced to us will certainly be one that we will continue to use way after the campaign has ended. Although it is still early days, we believe that CommunityWest has benefitted from this campaign work with imageseven and we look forward to learning more in the future.” Helen Attrill.

Business news – Keeping the best on board

Staff retention is an ongoing challenge for many not for profit human services providers in competition with the private sector . . . Ms Attrill said

Part of the challenge for organisations was promoting the benefits of working in the sector. There is a view amongst (generations) Xs and Ys that jobs have to be intrinsically worthwhile. certainly, aged care along with disability care is a worthwhile and personally rewarding area of work, but it is also hard.

Allegations demand response – Contributed editorial Western Suburbs Weekly

Great support and protection needs to be built into our system to ensure abuse is prevented and dealt with effectively when or if it does occur . . . There are some initiatives that can and need to occur immediately . . .ensuring staff are trained, developing support resources . . . implementing policies, procedure and reporting protocols . . .  gaining a commitment for all . . .  to take a pro-active stance to combat abuse . . . introduce and fund staff screening . . .  fund the development and provide ongoing funding for the implementation of training packages.

Western Suburbs Weekly Not enough care to go around – feature on aged care

Western Suburbs Weekly - Not enough care to go around