H Attrill PRN Director

‘Accept the challenge

of industry change’™


Leading a not for profit organisation is rewarding but it can also be demanding.

As the CEO you are probably juggling many calls on your time and tackling day-to-day ‘problems’.

Pile on top of this the need to shift strategic direction and introduce change to achieve this, and you’ve probably reached a tipping point!

You might find that all of these day to day issues distract you, and your leadership team, from your purpose.

Or you may not be feeling confident that you can deliver on mission and to the quality expected as you address industry change.

This can leave you feeling swamped, or worse still worn out. I understand this because I’ve been in your shoes.

Don’t let this stop you from taking action and delivering on your mission.

In this changing environment, it is OK that you might need to regroup and refocus on your organisation priorities or that you need support to deliver on your plan.

Let me partner with you in meeting these challenges

Helen Attrill, MBA, a not for profit consultant, will work with you to address your key business challenges.

I offer the following consultant support

1. Practical and focused support around your needs.

2. Take on the research and development of key corporate documents (business case, submission or tenders) that will support the change or growth you are seeking

3. Support change in your organisation by preparing the plans, tools and training to bring about the change.

4. Analyse and identify opportunities for your business to work smarter through business process review.

Let me be a trusted advisor, partner and supporter of your aged care and not for profit business.

Download a brochure outlining my approach and service here – Helen Attrill MBA Brochure

Trading as ProReNata Consulting
ABN 50 594 372 547

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