Non-profits as partners in health prevention?

non-profit partnering in your health

Most of go to the Doctor to get prescriptions for all sort of medicines to keep us health, but what if they started to turn the tables on us and put it back on us to do the hard work to get healthy?

Of course it is easier to take a tablet or two to ‘solve’ our problems but they are perhaps at best an illusion of health.

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Putting ‘community’ into community aged care

social connections and loneliness

Who is responsible for reconnecting older people to their community or social networks when there are limited family or friends to help?

I ask this as a result of a recent article which showcased the work of Wellbeing Enterprises, a winner of the Health & Social Care award at the UK Social Enterprise Awards 2016. Wellbeing Enterprises works “help people find things that make them smile”.

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A new kind of coffee morning – death cafes

When was the last time you caught up with friends in a local cafe? What did you chat about? Did you come away with new ideas, insights or leads to follow-up on?

More often than not when we’ve sat around with friends or associates in an informal setting we have been inspired to think about something new, been referred to a new source for ideas or simply had an ‘aha’ moment.

So it’s fair to say we all love a cup of coffee and chatting with friends for these reasons and more – but have we ever sat around and talked about our own mortality or more precisely the topic of ‘death’. The answer is probably not – one movement is emerging which is encouraging such discussions in the unlikely environment of cafe and that is the ‘death cafes’ movement. What and how do Death Cafe’s work?

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Competition and innovation in aged care – the new challenge

Competition-and-innovation-in-aged-care #agedcare

With the rise of purpose-based for-profit corporations, not-for-profits will need to strongly embed their mission in their culture and marketing to stand out from the crowd.

“Purpose is being seen as the new genetic code for business.”

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Are we developing the right skills for consumer directed care

gain new insights from your customer complaints #custserv #CDC

Investing in our people to ensure our success

There is a view that not-for-profits don’t invest enough in its people. This could be because we are trying to keep our overheads down or because we don’t have the vision to map out the skills we need or we don’t have enough funding to do so.

It doesn’t really matter why we ‘haven’t’ done it what matters is that we take action now because in a deregulated aged care market your business success will be based on the customer experience.

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