10 simple secrets to successful change

Making change doesn’t need to be hard! Master these ten simple tweaks to your approach, and you will be well on the way to implementing successful change.

1. Change Mangement requires you to stay on focus

Always keep the main goal in mind. There will be plenty of attempts to derail or sidetrack you. If you keep the ultimate, and higher purpose goal of your change initiative, ‘front and centre’ you will not only energise yourself but also those around you.

+ DO IT – Know your goal, write it down, understand its meaning to you and why it’s important to your sense of self in work then you will retain the focus you need over the coming months of the change.

2. Plan for change

Don’t think just because the ‘change’ is a good idea and makes perfect sense to you that it is understood by all and will naturally happen. It won’t. Like any other work, you must have a plan. Making a plan, of course, means sitting down and considering all the steps that must be taken to reach the goal, and what the obstacles might arise, and how you can best respond to these.

When you have an outline, you are prepared and able to free up your resources to implement. No significant change can is achieved on the ‘fly’. With a plan, you demonstrate to those around you that you have given the change considerable thought and are committed to its success.

+ DO IT – ask yourself does my plan include everything it needs to. If not then its back to the drawing board.

3. Stop comparing

We all like to do this. To compare or look back is human nature. But when you compare you often find yourself not making progress ‘fast enough’ or you’ll find yourself wanting, all of this might make you disillusioned.

Instead look at the bigger picture. How far have you come since you started? Measure success over the longer term – not the smaller increments of days or weeks.

+ DO IT – Live in the moment and capture what you have achieved.

4. Celebrate your successes no matter how small

There is a lot to be said for a ‘rose coloured hue’. If we adopt a positive outlook, then we should begin to see improvements. Don’t be a prisoner to a negative bias that blinds you to positive results. Capture and celebrate success so that everyone is helped to combat their own negative biases.

+ DO IT – make a note every day of the three small changes you have seen people make or acknowledge key steps on the journey.

5. Share your thoughts and feelings on the change.

Let your team know how you are feeling about the change. Sharing your fears, uncertainties, surprises and joys will help to create the open environment and communication you want.

+ DO IT – Take time out to reward and recognise the work and contribution of individual team members on the change journey.

6. Don’t be afraid to say you ‘don’t know’ or ask for help.

Don’t fall victim to being the 1st port of call for all problems. Let others try there hand at solving issues – or point them in the right direction when they need an expert or skilled help

+ DO IT – Don’t be critical of their reliance on you, encourage their self-reliance and problem-solving skills.

7. Don’t sweat it

That’s right don’t worry so much that things are not progressing as you like. Worrying is not going to resolve the problem or make it go away miraculously. Don’t let change cause you anxiety or health issues – truly it’s not worth it.

+ DO IT – take time out if things are getting to you. Invest in your health and others will benefit, as will the project.

8. Keep things in perspective

Often when you are in the middle of a change process, it can be all-encompassing. Remember it is a tiny part of the overall business organisation – sure it’s part of a solution to a problem – but the business will not come crashing down if the change is delayed. Try not to ‘catastrophise’ what is happening around you, because real or not you will raise your stress levels.

+ DO IT – try reframing problems or hiccups that arise in the implementation of change. Think about what insights are made available to you by these events.

9. Be there in the moment

Yes that all too familiar ‘mindfulness’, but in this example, you don’t need a yoga mat and scented candles! Take a deep breathe and count to ten.

+ DO IT – Grab the moments to yourself, when and where you can. Use the time to relax, and you might come up with a truly inspirational answer to your ‘here and now’ problem

10. Finally, remember it is not all about you!

That’s right your the leader of the change and seem to bear the brunt of all the feelings, emotions and problems associated with the change. But what is the alternative – do nothing – that wouldn’t help either. Any change you are pruning has a goal or outcome that is bigger than you. You are merely the champion of the change. Don’t get over invested in the ‘ownership’ of change.

+ DO IT – Decide where you want to put your energies and what change you want to contribute too. Remember the overall goal, don’t get caught up in a negative self-focus.

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