Today thanks to the generosity of my local library I was able to watch for free ‘Gen Silent’ a documentary about the LGBTI community’s fears as they age. I watched it via the Kanopy subscription and app offered by the local library.

Link to the Gen Silent Trailer

What took me so long?


I had heard of the documentary and even promoted it to my community when it first hit the radar but I somehow never got around to watching.

Well all that has now been rectified with todays viewing, thankfully.

I came away from the viewing with a new appreciation of the fears and struggles faced by older LGBTI community members are they become ill or frailer requiring nursing home or home care.

Ageing LGBTI community members shared their concerns about entry into aged care

Key take homes from the documentary for me where

  • Often the discrimination faced in past years resurfaces when they move into ‘mainstream’ communities such as aged care,
  • Families have often been dislocated or distanced from the LGBTI elder leaving them with little support,
  • Loved ones, where they are present, sometimes are reserved and reluctant to show their emotion in mainstream aged care,
  • Equally LGBTI elders often are reluctant to invite ‘new people’ who don’t share their community into their home to provide care.

I was also shocked to hear the high rates of older LGBTI who have no, or limited, networks of support.

I’d like to recommend you also watch the movie, if you haven’t already done so. I hope like me, it will shift your thinking and introduce you to some new insights.

Some links to useful Australian Resources and Information

I know the LGBTI community has been advocating for better service and supports and the Government here in Australia has also done a bit of work to support the community.

Silver Rainbow

US LGBTI Resource Centre

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