“Do we want to be noticed or remembered?” This was a question posed by Bernadette Jiwa in her post on the blog ‘The story of telling’.

 What’s the difference between being ‘remembered’ vs ‘noticed’?

So there is a subtle but important difference between the two. In the former we make a judgement of someone’s worth or contribution, but in the latter no evaluation of worth is necessary or implied, nor is there necessarily any ‘remembering’ going on.

Our social media behaviour

Many of us spend time on social media sharing information with our networks hoping to be useful. We’re also trying to build our reputations and extend or networks our careers.
So it seems that our intentions of ‘being useful’ satisfies the ‘be remembered’ criteria while ‘building our reputation’ goal satisfies the being ‘noticed’.
While our actions, in posting to social media might ostensible be to share something useful what we need to examine is our primary motivation for sharing.

Being noticed – what purpose does it serve?

Celebrities, and others, with no discernible skill set are using social media to be noticed.
Why is there so much value attributed to being noticed? What does it return on the investment of your time? Is it better to strive to be remembered for something other than ‘noise’ and attention?
Maybe next next time we share something we should consider if it adds value to our connections – or is it just more noise.
Love to hear your thoughts?