The pace of change in our society is phenomenal. If we think back over the last year we can probably identify at least 10 things that have changed or evolved. Some of these changes are radical and others simple improvements, yet each is taking us to a new innovation or shift in our view of the world.

However some things remain fundamental notwithstanding these shifts. We all need to communicate, be entertained, feel connected or worthy, get out and about and make a contribution to our community.We maybe don’t always think about, or take any notice, of these changes but they are happening. They happen all around us, in our lives, towns, work and communities.

to do list and changeMemorable changes in my lifetime

So my list from the last 10 years is (give or take a few years and by no means exhaustive)

  • Driverless cars
  • Robot carers in aged care
  • Streaming TV
  • cameras with you in your phone
  • Same sex marriage
  • Electric cars
  • Demise of the blackberry and rise of smart phones
  • Demise of the UBD and rise of GPS (2005)
  • Online dating sites (think Tinder, RSVP)

OK I can go on, and I’ve obviously gone a bit over my promised 10 but you get the idea.

Some on my list have been seismic changes while others have been small incremental changes. All however change, or are about to change, our lives in significant ways.

They don’t just change our lives but also our culture. These changes are happening all around us and we might not notice them but they are ever present. When did we get news from Facebook, how did the selfie become a phenomenon?

Capture the changes

So every now and then its good to take stock and reflect. Maybe this year start collecting examples of ‘change’ that are impacting your life – keep them in a file/jar or other receptacle (might I suggest an online storage program!) and review it at the end of the year. You will soon have something to talk about when next you meet your friends and talk about ‘what’s up’.

disruptive innovation compassImagine the changes you would like to see

Another challenge is make a list of what you’d like to see changed or improved. If we begin to think of desired changes we start our journey to reimagining the future – we might even get to work to make some of these ideas come to reality.

I leave you with a wonderful photo out of the Weekend West Australian Newspaper which prompted me to reflect on change – do you remember when

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