Never underestimate the impact of a handwritten 'thank you ' to express your gratitude

I’ve kept many of the handwritten thank you notes of appreciation that I have received throughout my career and life.

They somehow seem to touch me more deeply than a pre-written store-bought cards. Do you feel the same about these messages of thanks? Then consider how they might help you connect with colleagues or friends and demonstrate your ‘thanks’ in what, in this electronic age, will be a unique way (seems a bit weird to say that as writing should by definition by ‘hand written’).The hidden message in hand written thank you notes

A hand written note sends a number of messages to the recipient – messages such as

  • I’ve been noticed.
  • My contribution is appreciated.
  • Time has been taken out of a busy schedule to acknowledge me.
  • A real connection is being sought.
  • It is more than a ‘business’ communication.

If you think about the messages of thanks that have meant something to you – how many were sent electronically or were a pre-versed cards?

So take some time out to pen a hand written thank you note to a colleague or friend.

I guarantee that it will leave a lasting impression on them and make you feel better – it can’t get better than that!

Need more convincing of the value of handwritten notes?

My thank you to you for reading todays blog

Thank you - make it personal for a lasting impression #leadership
Thank you – make it personal for a lasting impression #leadership