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Leaders must confront the challenge of change

Driving transformation is not easy but as a leader this is a path you must tread to reap personal, professional and business rewards.

While you can often get the processes and technical thinking associated with change bedded down with relative ease the hard part comes when you want to embed the change in your organisation.

Leaders and managers confront the challenge of change every day. In doing so they perhaps don’t stop to consider an approach or model which can guide them in meeting this challenge or see the benefit of adopting a systematic approach.

Finding you change management mojo

As a leader you need to develop a tried and true approach to managing change, or model, that works for you and feels right.

Once you find an approach you are comfortable with you’ll notice that over time implementing change becomes second nature no matter the scale of change – big or small.

As you test your approach with each and every change challenge you will learn and develop as a leader and ultimately excel at being a change manager.

your change management mapModels = maps to guide your journey

You’ll find that your approach, or model, will act as a roadmap. It will guide you through the terrain of change.

These models have already been used to travel this road before, many times, and have proven to be great guides.

A model will help you crystallize your goal – there is no point starting on the journey without a clear end point in mind. Your goal will also help you identify the hurdles and how to address them, measure your success.

A change management model will also assist you in sharing the journey with others and making it more real for them.

If they can see how the change will be managed, their role in it and the planned outcomes they are more likely to come onboard.

Some popular change management models

Some great models that might suit you are

Useful further reading

Theory of change: the beginning of making a difference – this is a tool out of the NPC. It is specifically geared at supporting charities move from needs, to activities, to outcomes finally to impact. This is supported by another practical tool – Creating your theory of change: MPC’s Practical GuideNB: NPC is a charity think tank based in the UK.

Change Management – this is a round-up of key Harvard Business Review articles on change management. The two key articles highlighted are

You also have the option to scroll through a number of other suggested reading on change management under the headings of ‘latest’, ‘popular’ and ‘from the store’ – so browse to your heart’s content.

Insights – Leading ChangeInsights, a global consultancy firm, has developed a range of articles and resources on change management, this includes an on demand webinar. They also have a cool interactive infographic which explores the 6 key steps in change management

A bite size approach to change management using projects

Want to change your culture? Start with your projects – this article suggests that one can learn and develop your approach to change management through ‘projects’ to incremental bring about change in your organisation.

As we explore this approach we are encouraged to review a number of other articles that broaden our understanding of change management and its application in projects.

Overcome Resistance to change  – identifies 7 steps to respond to resistance in any change management process

Managing change also need you to focus on yourself

5 Leadership challenges in change management – leading change brings its own challenges for you as the leader.

So far the previous articles have focussed on how you manage the culture and approach to change in your organisation. This article suggests the personal traits you will need as a leader as you progress through implementing change. Traits such as patience, conflict management and foresight.

The page also offers a downloadable e-book ‘The Leaders Guide: 3 Key Steps to Effective Change Management

Finally some useful Australian resources on change management

The key ideas of organisational change – Vic Public Sector Commission – This is a good primer on change management explaining the types or change and exploring change leadership. The page also links to a series of downloadable resources on

Change management best practice – Public Service Commission Queensland Government – the PSC in Queensland has published a Change management best practice guide (download link).

Now its time to practice, practice, practice!

I hope this inspires you to review how you approach change as a leader.

I would love to hear your thoughts on any of these articles. Also if you know of some other articles, tools and resources please let me know.

I’ll leave you with one fun article that looks at the serious challenges that will confront you as you implement change. I’ve left it till last because of the somewhat annoying GIF so as not to distract you.

The article could be great resource to help you introduce and discuss change with staff.

5 Reactions to organisational change (demonstrated by cats) and how to deal with them – One such reaction is – ‘look out ! Something’s different here!’ This GIF will give you a flavour of the approach used in the article and might just entice you to view it.

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