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This week I’ve rounded up a couple of articles on governance and some links to useful governance resources for you to share with your Boards.

Bizarre Case of the Socialite Fundraiser Extraordinaire and a $50,000 footnote on the audit  – this article exposes the pressure put on a NFP staff member to sign off on an ‘unauthorised’ payment after reassurances that the payment was authorised. the Socialite who allegedly applied the pressure is the ‘donor/CEO/President’ of the board of trustees of the organisation. Whatever the outcome, or facts, this case highlights how ‘conflicts of interest’ real or perceived can do damage to the image of an organisation.

Seven myths of Board of Directors – this article explores and debunks a number of Board myths such as chairman should be independent, CEOs make the best directors and the failure of a company is always the Board fault. Some of the myths they explore are exclusive to US but nevertheless it is useful read.

Governance Framework for Social Media Audits – while strictly speaking this delves into a bit of operational details the section on strategy and governance are relevant and real issues for Board’s to consider.

Risk management mindfulness and clumsy solutions -This risk report out of ICAEW shares some practical tips on how you can approach and embed the management and review of risk in your organisation. While it is out of the USA it is still nevertheless relevant to our approach to risk management here in Australia. They introduce the concept of ‘leaders on risk’ who are willing and able to engage in risk debates and who listens to offered solutions as part of the development of ‘clumsy solutions’.

Governance Resource Websites

25 damn good questions for NFP Directors The first of these is a guide put together by Our Community and the Commonwealth Bank. This is one of a series of publications aimed at providing guidance to Board office holders.

Reconciliation Australia – Online Indigenous Governance Toolkit – is a great resource to assist indigenous organisations come to grips to governance.

Board Sources – this US based website provides a range of resources free and for members.These include Board responsiblity statements, self assessment tools and sample policies.

Board Jeopardy and  10 responsibilities of Board Directors are two resources out of Davis Not for Profit Consulting in the US out of a range of resources you can access. You have to provide your contact details but aside from this the resources are free.

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