5 good reads on innovation from last week

A focus this week on INNOVATION from both a management and governance perspective.

10 Best Board Practices on Innovation Governance  – this article explores the role of the Board in providing leadership to encourage and support innovation by management.  The article suggests the Board must take on this role given the innovation represents a ‘success or failure’ outcome for businesses. The Board’s role is tempered with a caution not to interfering in ‘day to day’ management. 10 questions are then suggested to guide a Board in embracing and supporting innovation governance.

Creative space and innovation DNA – the shift toward more ‘creative’ office space is evident in many shared workspaces being set up for startups. In Perth our own SpaceCubed is a good example of this type of workplace. This articles explores what is really need in terms of office space to encourage collaboration and new ideas generation. surprisingly they conclude

 if the underlying culture, attitudes and support fail to facilitate creativity and innovation then having a playful environment will not of itself deliver the new ideas and creativity hoped for.

Creating a culture of collaborative innovation – this is not an article but a TED talk by Claire Madden. Claire focuses on the demographic and technological shifts we are witnessing in Australia and what impact this is having innovation and break through business model. Her talk is spiced with humour, I particularly liked her take on what Gen Z are most afraid of – poor WIFI, buffering and low battery – we certainly have seen our ‘irrational fears’ change over the decades.

Collaboration in the Enterprise – FOW Community

Alert – this is not really any article but an online community – the Future of Work community is a web-based network for those interested in collaboration. It is a membership based network with a fee for participation so it might not be for everyone but the most avid ‘collaborators’ or ‘innovators’.

I was alerted to the network from an article that explored the collaboration strategies used by the multinational pharmacy – Three Ways Sanofi Pasteur Encourages Collaboration.

Complacency On Innovation Is Not An Option

This Huffington Post article highlights the magnitude of the challenge facing Australian politicians and policy makers as they seek to make ‘innovation’ a new imperative.

The article points to evidence from 3 prominent sources to demonstrate the scale of the challenge confronting Australia – our ranking in the Global Innovation Index,the  World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report and the IMD World Competitiveness Index.

It urges a multi-agency approach to tackling the drive to improve Australian innovation – driven  and supported by Treasury and Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Finally it concludes by showcasing a case study from the UK which demonstrates the importance of innovation for reform and delivering economic growth.

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