I’ve pulled together 5 articles I think you’ll like, from sites that collate great ideas.5 top reads

Cost effective employee engagement – 3 great examples – there is no excuse for not trialling one of these tips. All are easy, inexpensive and open to all businesses to implement.

How to create detailed buyer personas for your business – whether you creating a buyer persona or your ideal customer persona you need help to start the creative juices flowing. Here are 5 natural questions you wouldn’t feel uncomfortable asking.

Data never sleeps – strictly speaking this isn’t an article but an infographic of the amount of data we generate every minutes. Staggering.

Whats the best way to improve customer services? 63 Influencers weigh in – don’t be daunted by the #63 it’s an easy read and you’re getting access to some of the great minds on customer service.

Our approach to innovation is dead wrong – Two caveats to this link – it’s from 2014 (but just viewed by me) and again this is not an article but a TED talk. But if you are busy putting together a business plan – spend 10 minutes watching this video featuring Diana Kander it might make you reconsider your approach and come away with no regrets.

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