Increase your business reach with social media #SM

Can’t be bothered with social media, find it all a bit hard or distracting from your main business goals?

Have your got a ‘Why bother attitude’ to social media as a business tool.

Fair enough!

it is new

oh hold on, its been around since for ever, initially we saw the launch of sites like LinkedIn and MySpace in the early 2000s, closely followed by Facebook and Twitter in 2005 and the list goes on ….

Its complicated

well nothing could be further from the fact. If you can access the internet, type, read and press ‘save/post/tweet/like/comment/pin/+’ your IT savy enough to be in the game. That so many people across the globe engage and use social media daily is a testament to its ease of use.

Its likely to be replaced, or just a fad

true, we have seen the loss of prominence, and in some cases demise, of some social media (MSN My Space, ICQ chat) channels but they’ve been replaced by more widespread and user friendly options.

You don’t know where you should put your energies

a legitimate business consideration but not sufficient enough reason to sit on the fence. Make a choice and go with it – give it a try. Spend the time to consider your goals and assess the social media options then dive in.

Social Media is here to stay

Social media is here to stay, it won’t be going away and likely its’ influence will be growing as will its impact on business. Savvy businesses are realising the potential of social media and creating an appropriate presence in the social media landscape.

But why bother with social media – what can it add to your business. Here are 8 reasons to consider as you grapple with the idea of social media.

  1. Real time feedback and input from customers
    The speed, responsiveness and scope of social media to provide you with feedback is unparalleled by any other ‘feedback’ option available to business.

2. Direct access to customers when and where they want
Users of social media have 24 hour access (and use) and make choices about engagement based on your online presence, web and social media (see Accenture ‘non stop customer’ model)

3. Allows a two way dialogue with customers
Not only can you get feedback in realtime you open a dialogue with those giving you feedback. Additionally rather than ‘just responding’ you can be the initiator of dialogues with potential/actual customers.

4. Levels the playing field
You can operate in the same marketplace with the big guys. As a small to medium organisation you might be able to reflect your niche or unique identity which will make your entrée into social media more successful.

5. A Forum to showcase and build your brand identity
By regularly sharing and engaging in social media your brand and what it stands for begins to be seen as a ‘expert’ in the field or preferred provider.

6. Build an emotional connection or relationship with followers
Once you have built a following you can potentially magnify your reach as they effectively become ambassadors (or at the very least supporters) for your business. If they share and like your content your message is amplified.

7. Position your business as a ‘trusted’ business
Being open to and responding to feedback through social media publicly demonstrated your commitment to dealing with issues and resolving them with integrity. NB do this online not offline via email etc.

8. Gives you access to an unlimited number of ‘testers’ or market intelligence
Where else could you access large numbers of customers who may provide you with feedback or new ideas to enhance your business.

So are you ready to give it a go?

These benefits and more flow to those using social media to good effect. Its not an easy journey and not everyone will use social media ‘to good effect’. If you can jag it though you will have a relatively low cost medium which will reap you and your business many rewards.

Contact us if you would like some help in getting your business into ‘social media’ or would like some support for your existing social media presence.

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