A satisfied customer is the best business strategyThe concept of the ‘non stop’ customer is one who is comfortable in the digital marketplace. They have embraced the art of prospecting, reviewing and contacting business when researching or reviewing their purchases.

The ‘non stop’ customer might be a part time digital explorer or one who has fully gone digital, no matter what their level of engagement with the digital marketplace they all are using it to meet their needs. These new customers are not restricted to the milleniums there is increasing evidence that the 55+ are willing and open to exploring the digital world and add this to their portfolio of options.

The online world of business gives consumers multiple options for connecting and engaging with businesses. Business would do well to recognise and respond to this shifting trend in customer connection.

Accenture identifies 4 customer types

  • Traditional – rely on traditional engagement channels but still interact digitally;
  • Experiemental – selectively engage in the digital world;
  • Transitional – strive to get the best out of the digital world as a cutomer, not always acheiving their goal.
  • Digital savy – embrace and make digital techonology an inetgral part of their consumer experience.

What do businesses need to do to meet the needs of this new ‘non stop’ customer profile?

  1. Work to identify and improve how you interact with these customers in the digital world. What channels do they use and for what purpose?
  2. Create a seamless end-to-end customer experience across your digital footprint.
  3. Understand the customer needs (not the businesses) and invest in meeting them.

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